Photo by:  Shelby Goldstein

Brooke Whitney Spreckman

Brooke Spreckman is currently a full-time Interior Designer for Tender Greens restaurants. As an in-house designer, she curates brand worthy experiences with a locally approached aesthetic. Brooke has designed a few of Tender Greens west coast locations - Berkeley, Century City and El Segundo, and now she's making her way over to New York and Boston! 

With a background in commercial design for tech start ups in the San Francisco / Bay Area, interior-branding is something that clicks with Brooke's creative side. Her commercial career kicked off working on the design of Airbnb HQ's creative offices in San Francisco. She's worked for Interior Design firms and privately owned businesses, as well as running her own business, taking on her own clients. 

Brooke is based in Los Angeles, where she was born and raised. Her favorite color is army green and scent is lavender. She paints in her studio on her free time, goes flea-marketing often and is always on a organization kick. Her favorite homework is staying up to date on all Golden Globe nominated films and TV. 

Want to chat about a design project or need some professional consultation on your commercial development? Brooke is always open to conversation and collaboration. Find her here.