Design Hutch

Brooke Whitney Spreckman

Interior Design was embedded in Brooke's career path before graduating elementary school. In 4th grade, her parents were buying a house and she started drawing up floor plans. "If the door is here, and the window is there, I want my bed over here." Not too far after, Brooke graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Interior Design. Brooke has a background in both residential and commercial interior design. She's worked for Interior Design firms and privately owned businesses, as well as running her own business, taking on her own clients. Her commercial career kicked off working on the design of the Airbnb HQ in San Francisco, CA. She is now the Interior Designer, in-house for Tender Greens restaurant group, managing and designing all new restaurant builds and existing remodels. As of 2015, Brooke has moved back to her hometown of LA, after enjoying 8 years of city life in San Francisco.