My fashion-shoes and I woke up at the crack of dawn to get to the Long Beach Antique Market early enough to snag all of the good stuff. I even did a live feed on my snapchat @brookespreckman (day of) capturing those must-have-on-film moments. A majority of those moments were actually just me trying to make a good pun out of an old piece of furniture, but you get the idea. While filming/snapping for my FAMOUS snapchat channel (does that even exist?), I did actually snag (not snap) some pretty good stuff! I started simple with a few yards of some indigo dyed fabric (making pillows - hold tight), next: 2 pairs of some to-be-filled, prescription glasses (thanks Allyn Scura), a mug here and there, and then... most importantly - I found tiny furniture. My wheels started turning back to my 4th grade diorama days. And even though it's probably the most unnecessary merchandise you could ever own - as an Interior Designer - I probably fall under the 10% who can rationalize purchasing any of it. It's kind of like a mini version of my job. Also - staying somewhat on topic, a funny scenario I've thought about more than enough: the idea of someone calling a tiny furniture store, impatiently asking why they are still out of 'the tiny green ovens'. This may not read as funny, but if you think about it - there might be someone out there heavily worrying about when the next shipment of tiny stoves are going to arrive. It might end up being me in 10 years from now, who knows.

Anyway, enough of my rant about tiny furniture. Here's what you guys actually came here for, some good ol' captioned goodness. 

Oh - and thank you #LBFlea for being so hospitable! You always do me dirty in the best way possible.

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Invite me to your next Flea and my fancy shoes and I will pun down for what. 

XO, Brooke Spreckman