Anthropologie like you've never seen it b4

Yep. You heard me. It's Anthropologie like you've neva seen it before. I know it's hard to believe, since Anthropologie is already one of the most beautiful places you've ever placed yourself inside of. But there's a new type of Anthropologie in town, and it was done to the nines/twenties/thousands this time 'round. The Anthropologie at Fashion Island in Newport Beach is one of their newest flagships. They're even calling it "The Ultimate Anthropologie Experience."

I begin my post with a question: Do you ever get a high from "retail therapy?" ..I swear it's a real thing. I know personally, I've experienced it multiple times myself. If you are reading this and have never personally experienced this thrill - here's a quick run down: You go shopping. You buy a bunch of stuff. You immediately feel 20 times better about yourself/life/everything.

Well, let me tell you. I experienced that retail-therapy-high WITHOUT BUYING ANYTHING. If this intrigues you, go ahead with your pretty little eyes and keep reading.

Dear everyone that had a part in designing this new flagship. You knew what you were doing. This Anthro is not your average Anthro. You want to see one of their sofas? PSH! They've given you 12 full blown living/bedroom set ups. You like their curtains? They've got a whole built-out encasing those pretty pieces of fabric. This store is the MALL of all Anthropologies. I usually hate malls, but now that Anthropologie is one - I think I'll become an avid mall goer. They are even calling this portion of the store their DESIGN CENTER. Anthro now has a place for Interior Designers like me to go and WERK. 

I'll give you some back story about how I ended up in this new heaven on earth. My boyfriends sister is also an Interior Designer - she had been telling me for days, "omg Brooke, you're going to love the new Anthropologie." I was like 'yeah, yeah - Anthropologie is amazing" but apparently I had no idea what she was talking about. So we get there, I start walking through the store, and immediately my phone whips itself out. Before I know it, I have a 50 second snapchat story - and I'm only halfway through their furniture section. My boyfriend made a joke "oh - here comes a blog post" which I initially reacted to like "no, you're crazy... why would I.." and then, light bulb moment. And here we are today, e-standing in this beautiful living room, on a vibrant and floral rug that we all secretly wish we had in our interior-dreamer playroom.

Oh - you're not sure what type of rug you want? NO PROBLEM! This store has a whole section for you to choose from, because remember - this is the DESIGN CENTER.

more proof that it's a place I can go hang out at Anthro and claim I'm working:

curtain hardware done like no Anthro has done it before.

Even boyfriend was walking around pointing at things for me to take photos of: exhibit A. (Mind you - exhibit A also encompasses a bird art print, and I have an irrational fear of birds, so he was actually just trying to get a rise out of me, however - the photo works for this post!)

Exhibit A

Moving on from the design center, although it was really sad to walk away, I found a whole new world of Anthro - their BEAUTY DEPARTMENT. I'm not really a make-up/product girl, I typically go for the basics. However, I am easily influenced if it's done by a brand that I like. AKA - if all of my basic products are going to come from somewhere, they might as well come from Anthro's beauty counter. *not pictured* the bottle of Kai perfume that I sprayed on myself, that I should have bought, but didn't. I'll be going back for that bad boy the second I have free time.

Did I mention, they have a full on shoe section? Or shall I say... department?

And just a few more pretties because... well, props to their visuals team.

You go team Anthro, you go.

Thanks for making it through this post without leaving me to go to Anthro. I really appreciate it. However, you're dismissed and Anthropologie at Fashion Island in Newport is waiting for you with open arms!