a really rock solid blog post

Hint: It has something to do with rocks. And gems. And minerals.

I started going to these gem and mineral shows with my boyfriends mom, Barb. Barb is a major crafter, and knows everything about beading, welding, crystals, and more. When I first stepped foot into her craft room, I knew her and I would be long lasting friends. Her craft room is filled with drawers of all shapes and sizes that go from floor to ceiling. Everything is LABELED and perfectly organized. Barb has been crowned as Craft Queen in my book. She even won an honorable mentioned in the Design Within Reach Champagne Chair Contest... because she created a teeny-tiny replica of an Eames Lounger out of a champagne cork. This lady knows her stuff. Anyway, attempting to stay on topic... I started to go to these gem and mineral shows with Barb. She claims that "rocks are [her] heroin" - and yes, she gave me permission to quote her on that. Therefore, this just leads to us both running around like two candy-deprived kids in a candy shop. Except I'm an adult with an iPhone taking pictures of everything in site. I'll let the photos speak for themselves, AKA - scroll, slobber and enjoy, because I think my job here is done. 

*click on image to go through the slideshow*

Those were all pretty rock solid, right? Like, your ride through the slide show was pretty smooth - not too rocky? There are definitely a few hidden gems in there, right? OK, all of those puns were intended, and I swear I'm done for now.

Rock on!