The Artist. The Studio. Meet: Capricorn Press

Molly France of Capricorn Press.

Molly France of Capricorn Press.

Meet Molly from Capricorn Press. She is an artist, collector and maker. I took a short tour of her home-studio to understand what really went on behind the walls of a creative. Her home is her studio. Everything radiates with color and bright energy. All of her objects tell a story about where she came from and how it somehow influences her work. 

Way back when, while I was sourcing art for a Treehouse project I was working on With Orlando Soria from Homepolish - I was in a scurry. I needed local art.. framed.. and fast. I did a good old Etsy search, filtered by 'local' and found Molly from Capricorn Press. Not only was she local to my LA search, she lived a sweet 4 blocks away from me. She ever so sweetly let me come to her studio and pick out some prints that she would frame for me to pick up the next day. 

Her home-studio had a warm and inviting feel; the smell, the craft supplies, the colors that her feng shui lady recommended to her. It all exuded an energy that calls for creativity. 

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We went over to the Capricorn Press HQ for a tour and photo shoot, an interview and some tea. My good friend and all-start photographer Shelby did us the honors. 

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1. From your first piece of art to your last, are you able to describe your path as an artist? What's your artist story?

 I’ve been collecting antique papers and lithographs for years, to use in my collage-based art and assemblage boxes. It was a natural shift to start selling some of the rare prints, as well as my newer collages. My first piece for Capricorn Press was my Venus Transit Moon Phases print. It was based on a 19th Century American woodcut from a children's astronomy textbook.  I restored the Venus Transit from its stained and moldy state and gave it a new life. It’s been my most popular piece from the start. My most recent series is a set of Geometric-oriented prints that have more of a collage approach, incorporating both hand-painted elements, and sections from some of my celestial antique prints, in a more abstract, almost surreal way. 

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2. In a single word, what would you describe your own personal art style as, and why? Do you always incorporate it into your art?

Magical. I like images that have some mystery left in them, like antique prints who’s original intent is kind of lost on us…I like anything with a romatic or mystical aura. 

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3. The artist-studio + live-work situation - why does it work for you? 

Live/work is perfect because I do a lot more working than living! Working at home gives me a lot of flexibility…I tend to work odd hours…through the night, and its nice to have all my records and my cats around to keep life chill and serene.


4. Who is an artist influence of yours? Do you have any work sample of your own that you could compare to this influence? (Maybe we can show pictures side by side?)

I always come back to Joseph Cornell. I grew up in Houston and the Menil Collection there has an amazing collection of Cornell boxes. I love the pretty, poetic worlds he creates with broken bits of history.

Molly's personal belongings, including her crafted crystal-shadow boxes from her findings during the Arizona gem-faire season.

5. Where do you get inspiration from?

I think the historical past and the night sky interweave in most of the work, as they’re both kind of ever-present and expansive, but unreachable at the same time. I’m sentimental.


6. The vintage prints vs. newly made art prints: Do they influence eachother? How do you select your vintage? How often do you make new prints? What gets the new prints inspired? Tell us a little bit about your process!

I love flea markets and the thrill of finding some drawings from long ago that noone’s ever seen or cares about anymore. Nothing excites me more than finding a stack of crumbling, moth-eaten papers. I recently restored a set of silkscreens on newsprint from 1916 that were disintegrating in my hands. I think everything in my collection, regardless of where it started from, has a dreamy romantic feeling - that’s the unifying theme. I add new prints every week. 

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